I’m a borderline charismatic, versatile visual designer who specializes in many mediums of communication and digital interaction in both client and personal work. I’m seeking purpose through building a more organic, pleasant and intuitive user experience.

I’m also a published commercial illustrator and children’s book illustrator.

I’m going to be taking this portfolio/blog in a new direction. Thanks to the folks at http://gentsthemes.com/ for there lovely and simple stanleywp wordpress theme which I will be customizing in the weeks to follow.

Husbands For Hire

I had the pleasure of being commissioned for an illustration to accompany an article in this past Sunday’s June edition of Buffalo Magazine.

Medals Won By A Host Country In The Winter Olympics

While watching the worldwide spectacle known as the Winter Olympics I wondered what effect being the hosting country had on the medal count. I did some quick research with the help of Wikipedia and visualized the data.